Federal Reporting

Federal reporting is tracked and submitted on-line in what is called the “21APR” system in three separate entry periods: summer term, fall term, and spring term; which is cumulative data for the whole school year.  In 2019 the system opened for summer entry in May, fall term entry in June, and spring entry (school year data) opens September 1, due October 18,2019  Term entry occurs sequentially and opens and closes on strict deadlines. Directors use local databases to get the needed data. Directors are issued a username and password by the state coordinator for the federal system and 21APR password reset changes are managed by AOE versus the federal help desk.  The system was first deployed in 2016.  


Some Federal Reporting Resources


When reporting for SBAC math scores, you may select from one of three categories;  See what is behind the choices at:http://www.smarterbalanced.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Mathematics_Blueprint.pdf


Overview of 21C Annual Reporting System

 State and USDOE Annual Performance Reporting Overview for New Directors_10_22_19.pptx