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An few articles






One program brochure for each site will need to be posted in 13-14 program brochures for the 2014 APR.


Important Heads Up about 2014 YPQA training dates.

Online trainings for the two 2014 cycles (fall/spring) for YPQA teams are:

Sept. 30th  6-8pm YPQI Overview……..Dec. 12th 6-8pm Planning With Data

Jan. 13th 6-8pm YPQI Overview………..March 16th 6-8pm Planning With Data

Also attached are the planning and self-assessment tools, which should be used and completed before the start of fall programming so plans and conversations can happen in a timely fashion. This can be said even if the spring cycle is being used, as thinking about and learning about the system can immediately impact new thinking and program outcomes!


Summer Survey: due August 29th, 2014.

This survey is similar to what was completed last year. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZSMQGZW


Optional Filemaker Version 4.2d available.

Version 4.2a may still be used to meet all 21c requirements. The difference in this optional version is that it has an average daily attendance report that PEOPLE ARE REPORTING BEING GOOD!


To use that go to reports/ program tab and scroll below the subsidy reimbursement report, which shows data used to enter into subsidy reimbursement system. The average daily attendance report can be customized by selecting date ranges.  Reminder: new databases need to be created for the July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015 reporting cycle.  Contact Emanuel if you have not done this before and need assistance.  Summer data should be entered in the summer.

































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    to meet with state legislators and leaders to advance learning and policy around afterschool and expanded learning in Vermont. This is also a day to celebrate the important role that youth workers, afterschool providers, and program staff play in helping to build a strong foundation for the children and youth of Vermont. Come celebrate with us!


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