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This wiki is the primary repository for information created by After School practitioners. For current Agency of Education documents, visit the 21c state web page or contact Emanuel Betz for what you need.


Latest version of Filemaker is at: 21st CCLC Version 5_1.fmp12


Overview of Version 5.1 Updates



Note: Filemaker Licenses work best using Filemaker Version 16, which was released last fall. If you do not have Version 16, you should, and can, as part of your license, so you have full functionality and updated security. Computers should show a blue color for your Filemaker Files, which indicates that Version 16 is being used.




5.1 Update Made

New Roster

Field Request made for daily roster that includes pickup information (bus and pickup information, homeroom teacher)

Overall “plus” roster now on Main Menu

New Report

Specified Report for child care financial assistance (subsidy) collection that only lists youth for which funds are collected

New Report At: Report/Attendance by Student/ Child Care Financial Assistance


New student field : yes/no for those collecting financial assistance (manager access only; FERPA applies)

Roster Update

Inactive checked programs or students took names off of drop down choice only

Inactive checked students now take names off rosters as well

Federal Report Update

Report did not show “times per week.” Report did not count correctly in another section

Updates made

Program Report Enhancements

Data enhancement in Program Reports

Program Report with total days functional


Reports by program includes many more data points in one place

Update Program Names/Type and Category

Program Names( and/or type and category) are often changed after many attendance records have been generated, which leaves old records inaccurate

Running Update button means all old attendance records will updated to the new name, and any changed categories or type. (see program full view or federal report section for button locations)

Student List View

Fields revised slightly

Note: Student full view still has all fields

Student detailed view

Alternative entry pathway for federally required sensitive student fields

View created for easier manual entry of sensitive data fields; go to related tables/ student detailed view

Attendance Taking

Make attendance taking most efficient

Removed other places to take attendance so that users will take attendance where the fewest clicks occur. Attendance must be taken through Main menu

General Security

Make sure levels of security are best they can be

Enhancements made to “user” access (User can do everything except view sensitive data including upgrading)

General Maintenance

Make interface more effective

Tip bubbles updated to assist users

When using Version 16, fields include prompts to assist with entry




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    to meet with state legislators and leaders to advance learning and policy around afterschool and expanded learning in Vermont. This is also a day to celebrate the important role that youth workers, afterschool providers, and program staff play in helping to build a strong foundation for the children and youth of Vermont. Come celebrate with us!


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