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2020-21 Peer Review Site Visits (redirected from 2011-12 Site Reviews-Revised process)

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1.  To provide accountability and oversight as required by law

2.  To provide projects with an on-going opportunity to reflect on their practice

3.  To promote regular dialog and information sharing with and among projects


See the peer review process document on the state web site at:



2020-201 School Year Schedule-

(Team members are Afterschool Directors unless otherwise stated)


St Johnsbury School District-January 20-Middle School program

Team: Stephanie Beck ( St Albans City School)  Chad Herman ( People's Academy)


Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union -February 4 Multiple Elementary Schools

Team: Tara Brookes ( Addison NW Supervisory Union) Marie Gilmond ( Rutland City Schools) Emily Leute ( AOE, English Language Arts Content Specialist) 


Maple Run Unified School District-February 11 One k-8 school

Team: Bryan Duff (St Johnsbury Schools)  Beth-Ann Miller ( Missisquoi Valley School District) Holly Goodwin ( Site Coordinator, Burke Elementary School)


Lamoille North Supervisory Union-February 18 Multiple Elementary Schools

Team:   Kiley Boyd ( Windham Central SU)


Mt Abraham Unified Union School District-March 8- Elementary including a new site

Team: Elizabeth Chambers ( North Country Schools) Carrie McDonnell ( White River Valley) Anne Hatch ( Kingdom East School District)


Windham Northeast-March 17- New small Elementary Site, older elementary, and middle school.

Team: Katie Boyd ( Windham Southwest Supervisory Union), Beth-Ann Miller ( Missisquoi Valley School District) (Jon Trzepkowski, Site Coordinator Kingdom East SD)


Missisquoi Valley School District-March 24  Multiple schools k-12

Team: Carrie Becker ( Mill River UUSD) Elijah Philips ( Program Quality Coordinator, Burlington School District,) Jess Decarolis (Agency of Education)


Rutland City Schools-April 8  Multiple schools k-12  ( and April 6: 1-3pm for Middle/High school)

Team: Christy Gallese (Burlington School District) Ceilidh Galloway-Kane (Orleans Southwest SU)  Mandy Chesley Park ( Mt Abraham UUSD)








2019-20 Completed:


March 9: Brattleboro Area Middle School-Middle School Program

          Asia Kruse, Site Coordinator, Vergennes Union Middle High School

          Maria Stewart, Project Director, Windham Southeast Supervisory Union

          Valerie Wright, Site Supervisor, Springfield Middle School


February 18: Saint Johnsbury- New Middle School Program ( Feb 20 back up day)

         Heather Moore, Project Director, Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union

         Adelle Brunstad, Berkshire Interim Coordinator,Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union 

         Chad Herman, Project Director, People's Academy, Lamoille South Supervisory Union


 January 15: North Country ( also day 2 on Jan 16 and site visits only on Jan 14 TBA) (k-8 sites)

    Jan 15 Team:

          Kiley Boyd, Project Director, Windham Central, Supervisory Union

          Anne Hatch, Project Director, Kingdom East School District

          Elaine Gordon, Westminster Afterschool former Director

          Laura Greenwood, BEST Act 230 Coordinator, Agency of Education

   Jan 16 Team:

          Kiley Boyd, Project Director, Windham Central, Supervisory Union

          Laura Greenwood, BEST Act 230 Coordinator, Agency of Education


December 11-12: Burlington (k-12 sites) 

     Dec 9: Emanuel Betz

     Dec 11 Elementary Sites Team members

          1. Carol Lizotte, Project Director, Missiquoi Valley School District

          2. Kristin Getler,Assistant Director/Site Coordinator. Central Vermont Supervisory Union

          3. Martha Deiss, Global Citizen Specialist, Vermont Agency of Education

     Dec 12  MS/HS Team Member

          1. Martha Deiss, Global Citizen Specialist,Vermont Agency of Education

          2. Suzanne Skaflestad, Project Director, Winooski School District

          3. Nancy Keller, MS/HS Coordinator, Winooksi School District


November 14th: Winooski  (k-12 site)


    Carol Lizotte, Project Director, MVU School District

    Kathy Kneebone, site coordinator, MVU School District

    Leigh Madalinski, site coordinator, Burlington School District

    Laura Wageman, site coordinator, Burlington School District



2018-19 Review Schedule



Oct 25-Bellows Falls Middle School-

Team:Wendy Steager (People's Academy)  Kate Burt ( Windham Southeast)



Nov 8- Mt Abraham Unified School District-2 elementary schools

 Team: Tommy O'Connor (Lamoille North Supervisory Union), Heather Moore(Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union) Eli Philips, (Burlington School District) 



 Nov 15-St Johnsbury Schools-1 elementary school. 

Team: Anne Hatch (Kingdom East) Anne Carroll ( Kingdom East) Mabika Goma (Vermont Agency of Education)  



Dec 4-Windham Southwest- 3 elementary schools, one middle/high school

Team: Kiley Boyd (Windham Central Supervisory Union), Carrie Becker ( Mill River Unified Union School District)



Dec 11-Windham Central Supervisory Union (5 small elementary schools)

Team: Jess Decarolis (AOE) Venissa White (TRSU) Katie Boyd ( Wings Community Programs)


Dec 18-Rutland City (Epic)- 1 middle school, 1 high school

Team: Amy Volpi (Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union) Gabe Diaz (Burlington City Schools) Suzanne Skaflestad (Winooski School District)


Jan 16  Mount Anthony Union Middle School 

Team: Asia Kruse (Vergennes UHS/Middle School) Sarah Wiley ( St Johnsbury) 


March 7th -Springfield High School

Team:Sheryl Haiduck (Burlington School District)


March 27-Central Vermont- (new site focus) 2 middle schools, 1 elementary school (TBA)

Team: Carrie Becker (Mill River Unified Union School District) Heather Moore (Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union) Chad Herman ( People's Academy)


April 10-Peoples Academy -middle/high school site

Team : Kate Bosnich (Rutland City Schools) Greg Young (Agency of Education)  Suzanne Skaflestad (Winooski School District))


April 23-24-Kingdom East- 7 (k-8) schools 

April 23 Team : 

April 24 Team: OSSU (Nicole Miller) Cara Sargent (Central Vermont Supervisory Union)


May 8th Chester-Andover Elementary School

Team: Katrina Kretschmar (Vermont Afterschool)


2017-18 Review Schedule


Oct 26  Lamoille North Supervisory Union- 5 sites -Oct 25 end of day program visit to Hyde Park only is an option. 

Team: Nicole Miller, OSSU, Margaret Carrera-Bly, Vermont Agency of Education


Nov 9:  Caledonia Central-4 sites

Team: Sarah Wiley, St Johnsbury Schools, Heidi Whipple, Vermont Agency of Education


Nov 17:  Washington South Supervisory Union- includes middle school site- 3 sites  

TeamJess Decarolis, AOE, Carrie Becker, Mill River UUSU


Dec 6: Maple Run Unified School District-St Alban's City School

Team: Carol Lizotte, Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union, Sarah Birge, Agency of Education


January 9-10: White River Supervisory Union- 8 sites 

Team: Jan 9: Sarah Birge, Nancy Hellen, Agency of Education; Jan 10: Paula Wright, Westminster School


Jan 16-17: Franklin Northeast  6 sites -includes middle school/ high school site-Jan 16 full day site visit as well as program visits on the 17th is an option. 

Team: Kate Bosnich, Rutland Public Schools Carol Lizotte and Heather Moore, Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union 


January 29th Elementary sites (4) and-30th (Middle School/High School MVU site 1/2 day): Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union- 

Team Jan 29: Maria Gleason, Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union, Tricia Pawlik-York, Vermont Afterschool

Team Jan 30: Asia Kruse, Vergennes Union MS/HS, Karen Powers, Enosburg Middle/High School


March 22: Addison Northwest- 2 sites including middle school site

Team: Kate Toland, People's Academy, Amy Volpi, Lena Leake, Mount Anthony Union Middle School


April 10: Orleans Central- Albany School- one small elementary site

Team: Nicole Miller, Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union, Elizabeth Chambers, North Country Schools, Anne Hatch ( Caledonia North Supervisory Union)










2016-17 Schedule


Neshobe- Single Elementary site-Wednesday, November 16 

Team Members: Linda Macfarlane, Rachel Patton ( Mill River Unified Union School District)


Rutland City- Multiple Elementary Sites-Tuesday Dec 13 (half day) and Wednesday Dec 14th

Team Members: Tara Brooks (Addison Northwest Supervisory Union 12/14) Elizabeth Chambers (North Country Schools)

Paula Wright ( Westminster Schools)  Nancy Bird ( Rutland Northeast SU)


Burlington- Elementary-Middle-High School sites-Wednesday January 11 and Thursday January 12

Team Members: Jess Decarolis (Agency of Education), Suzanne Skaflestad (Winooski School District), Teresa Bedell (Lamoille North Supervisory Union), Carol Lizotte (Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union)


 Windham Southeast- Single Middle School Site-Thursday, March 16-  

Team Members:   Pollyanna Bladyka ,Springfield School District, Sigrid Olsen, VTAOE


 Windham Central-- Multiple Smaller Elementary Sites and Middle/High School Sites-March 28 (half day) and March 29

Team Members:  Deb Hathaway(Rutland City Schools) ,Tami Stagner Springfield School District,


Two Rivers- Multiple Smaller Elementary sites-Wednesday, April 12 

Team Members:  Tammy Lynch (Springfield School District) Veronica Newton 


Orange North-Multiple small elementary sites-Thursday, April 27th

 Team Members:  Nicole Miller (Orleans Southwest) Robert Ertz (Vermont Agency of Education)


Mill River Unified Union School District-Multiple Elementary Sites-Wednesday May 10

Venissa White and Zoe Lirakis (Two Rivers Supervisory Union) Donna Gaston ( Caledonia Central Supervisory Union) Linda Quinn

(Neshobe Elementary School)


Springfield- Elementary and Middle School Site-Wednesday May 17th

Team Members:   Veronica Newton, (Agency of Education) Katie Boyd and Andy Hauty (Wings Community Programs)






 2015-16  Reviews ( 9:45-5:30 are on-site hours)


Wednesday October 28th Bellows Falls Middle School (single site)

Team members: Meghan Hopkins ( Brattleboro Area Middle School) Shelly Park ( Twin Valley Middle High School)


Tuesday November 10th Team is Full  Winooski schools ( k-12) 

Team: Carol Lizotte ( Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union), Deb Hathaway, Rutland City/Rutland Central Supervisory Union, Jill Strube ( Addison Northwest Supervisory Union) 


Wednesday December 10th Westminster School (Elementary)

Team Members:  Tami Stagner (Springfield School District) Venissa White ( Two Rivers Supervisory Union)


Tuesday Dec 15th   Team is Full Addison Northeast (two elementary sites)

Team Members: Tara Brookes ( Vergennes Elementary School) Nancy Bird, (Neshobe Elementary School), Carrie Becker

( Rutland South Supervisory Union)


Wednesday January 20th Team is Full Orleans Southwest ( Three Elementary Schools)

Team Members: Carol Lizotte ( Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union) Teresa Bedell (Lamoille North Supervisory Union)

Jim Flynt ( Wonder and Wisdom)


Thursday February 11th ( Afternoon of Feb 10th as well) Team is Full Rutland City and Rutland Central (middle and high school programs) Team Members: Suzanne Skaflestad (Winooski Schools (K-12)  Ray Coffee, City of Winooski, Megan Donckers ( Mount Anthony Union Middle School)


Thursday March 10th St Johnsbury ( Elementary program) Team is Full

Team Members: Donna Gaston ( Caledonia Central Supervisory Union) Karen Scott ( Vermont Afterschool) Josh Souliere

(School Effectiveness Coordinator)


Wednesday April 13th Orange Windsor ( 2 Elementary programs)

Team Members: Janice Burrows ( Orange North) Jennifer Ball ( Washington Village School) Richard Boltax (AOE)


Wednesday May 4th Mount Anthony Middle School 

Team Members: Orianna Baez (Bellows Falls Middle School), Rebecca Reese ( Hunt Middle School, Burlington)















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