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Filemaker 21c Database

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on June 19, 2014 at 2:19:55 pm

Version 4.2d  ( a blank copy)  was released June 19th, 2014 and can be downloaded 


21c Projects (and others) can opt to use the 21 c Afterschool Filemaker database product to manage data, attendance, rosters and reports.  Use is optional as there are many products out there.  Guided trainings are offered periodically or by request, and training can all happen online for the motivated learner in 2-4 hours.


To get started, go to the database training web site  at:


The best way to proceed is to follow the 10 sequential steps in order on the web link above.   


Here are supporting documents and resources to go with the web site when you self-train on line.

The sequence to learn in each step is to watch the video, read the content on the web site and do the exercises in the playaround database.  Time practicing and making mistakes on the keyboard inside a database is the only way to learn.


21st CCLC 2013_v4.2a - Training Playaround.fmp12- use to play around with data, do exercises, but then erase this file forever.  The 'original file' is below.

Filemaker 101 Exercises and Test.doc- print and and use with the website while you practice on the keyboard.

Sample Confidentiality Form.pdf- Every user must sign a document form their SU to protect themselves and their students.

Keyboard Cheat Sheet.doc- It is crucial to train yourself to use the keyboard, not the mouse, to save time.

21stCCLC Data Usage Guidelines.docm- Understanding your rights and responsibilities using data.


You will need Filemaker Version 12 on your computer and the latest updates before you can download and view the 21C database file:


Version 4.2a  ( a blank copy)  was released July 19th, 2013 and can be downloaded at: http://vermontafterschool.pbworks.com/w/file/67693552/21st%20CCLC%202013_v4.2a.fmp12


Once it is downloaded, 'save a copy as' and put the blank file in a folder. Make another copy for this year's data and put that in its own folder.  Always work in a database file that is opened from a folder, not from an email.




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